born: July 23rd 1955

musical career:

-started playing drums at the age of 12
-studied music for 6 years (percussion instruments, piano, composition and arrangement)
-specialised on mallet instruments (vibraphon, marimbaphon,...) teached by Larry Blackshere (RIP) and became one of the best vibraphonists
-1980 Förderpreis of the German Phono Akademie for his band “Naima” (New Jazz)
-several coposition-, arrangement- and artist-jobs for movies, radio, TV and commercials
-became interested in electronical music in 1980
-1989 Top Ten Europe (1 Mio. times sold) with RIFIFI “Dr. Acid & Mr. House” (position 17 Media Control Charts 1989-03-20 in Germany)
-producer of: Die Krupps, Das Auge Gottes, Jessica White (“Gimme More”), Monster Twins, B2B, etc...